German Car Brands Name – List and Logos of Car Automakers in Germany

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Being home to modern lorries, Germany is considered as one of the most ingenious and also competitive countries in regards to the Automotive sector. German automobile business functions thoroughly to allure some of the most effective engineers around the world, who after that placed their whole efforts right into the work to produce the most effective autos for clients. The manufacturers take note of every phase from planning to making as well as from making to the testing process. The cars and trucks are not only tested on the smooth roads however they undergo the most awful feasible roads that permit pressing the abilities of the cars and truck to the limits.

The German automobile sector is the third highest possible in auto manufacturing and also 4th in total car production, which leads them to a result of about six million yearly. Their cars have won numerous competitors as well as honors including ‘the International Car of the Year’, ‘European Vehicle of the Year’ as well as ‘the Globe Automobile of the Year’ a number of times amongst all countries. Additionally, 2 of their autos, ‘Beetle’ and ‘Porsche 911’ have actually safeguarded fifth and 4th positions respectively in the Car of the Century Award.

According to the files, the background of German automobiles began in 1870 with the production of the four-stroke internal combustion engine by Karl Benz as well as Nikolaus Otto. Not long after that, German began making motor cars and was creating about 900 automobiles a year. Since then, concerning 800,000 staff members are working day and night to supply convenience as well as luxury to all the cars and truck fanatics.

Every German car brand name has a long history of downs as well as ups however still, they do their finest in producing a lot more dependable and also effective automobiles with an enticing appearance.

So allow’s find out about several of the German car brands and also take a look at their logo designs:


Established: 1909.
Owner: August Horch.
Present Status: Operating.
Head office: Ingolstadt, Germany.
Owner: Volkswagen AG.

Established in 1909, this German car and truck brand name got the name from its founder’s surname, August Horch, which indicates ‘listen to’ that changed to ‘Audi’ (to listen) in 1910. The first auto, ‘Audi Type A’ was introduced in the very same year. In 1932, Audi merged with Horch, DKW, and Wanderer to create Car Union UG. Throughout the very same period, the brand introduced the initial European car to incorporate a six-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive; the Audi Front. Since 1966, this German deluxe auto brand has actually belonged of the Volkswagen Group.

Audi is understood for deluxe cars and also believes in Advancement via modern technology. This German automobile firm layouts, engineers, produces, markets and disperses automobiles around the world. Audi has 11 manufacturing facilities in nine countries with Eastern Europe, Africa, and also the Center East being the essential markets. China particularly has actually ended up being the prime car market due to its demand by the Chinese federal government for officials, which alone is in charge of 20% of its sales in the nation. The marketplace worth of the German deluxe auto brand name has never ever fallen on a reduced scale. The sales go on boosting with every new car and truck launch.

The brand name logo is the 4 ceiling rings, which represent the 4 proprietors of Vehicle Union AG. Amongst all the deluxe vehicles by Audi, the most famous version based on the sales is Audi A1, Audi TT, Audi A6, Audi A3, and also Audi A8.


Started: 1926.
Founder: Karl Benz and also Gottlieb Daimler.
Existing Status: Operating.
Head office: Stuttgart, Germany.
Proprietor: Daimler AG.
Internet site:

Mercedes-Benz traces its origin back to 1926, when the two earliest automotive suppliers in the world, DMG, and also Benz & Cie., integrated to overcome the rising cost of living and also inadequate sales figures after World War I. Throughout the 1930s, this German car manufacturers generated the 770 design, an auto that was famous throughout Germany’s Nazi period and also Adolf Hitler himself driven these vehicles.

One of the earliest automakers out there, Mercedes-Benz, is renowned for its limos. This German high-end vehicle brand has led the automotive market with a unique combination of style and also technology and it flawlessly specifies high-end, class, and also elegance. Ruling the market for nearly a century, Mercedes-Benz has presented a lot of luxury lorries, buses, instructors, and Lorries for their customers. This German car firm is identified as the 2nd most prominent German car brands around the world. The classy, extremely and also high-end sophisticated limousines produced by Mercedes-Benz are an excellent image of a blend of beauty and efficiency.

The brand name logo design reflects the quality, simplicity, as well as uniformity of the cars and trucks. The royal black as well as silver colors utilized in the logo justify the brand name by providing the perception of elegance, stability, perfection, creativity, elegance, and also pureness. Mercedes-Benz has actually efficiently received its appeal in the market and one of the most popular cars by this German brand consists of Mercedes Benz C-class, S-class and limousine cars and trucks.


Established: 1916.
Owner: Franz Josef Popp as well as Karl Rapp.
Present Standing: Running.
Head office: Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
Owner: Public float, Stefan Quandt, and also Susanne Klatten.

Founded in 1916, BMW’s initial product was the ‘BMW III a’ airplane engine but right after World War I, this German car and truck company was compelled to stop aircraft-engine production. After that, to stand in the market, the business produced ranch devices, home things, and train brakes. In 1923, BMW presented its very first motorcycle as well as after 9 years in 1932, this German brand name introduced its initial vehicle, the ‘BMW 3/20’ that was made completely by BMW.

Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Electric Motor Works has actually accomplished its goal of offering ‘Sheer Driving Enjoyment’ to their customers by making among the most elegant and also comfy auto range. Over the century, this German luxury automobile brand has actually worked really hard in improving the high quality of its engines as well as placed a great deal of effort into top quality. BMW makes a vast array of passenger cars, luxury autos, sports cars, SUVs, Pickup trucks and turns itself right into an epitome of excellence. It likewise possesses as well as creates Mini vehicles as well as Rolls-Royce Electric motor Cars. Furthermore, until 1945, this German automobile business additionally created airplane engines.

The brand logo makes up 3 colors and all of them portray a suitable picture of the business. The blue symbolizes the toughness and integrity of its items, black stands for excellence and sophistication of the brand, on the other hand, white mean beauty and also purity. Among all the designs, BMW X-vehicles achieved leading sales worldwide.


Established: 1937.
Owner: German Work Front (DAF) and also Adolf Hitler.
Current Standing: Running.
Head office: Wolfsburg, Germany.
Owner: Volkswagen Group.

The firm was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler. In mid-June 1945, mass production of the Volkswagen Beetle was begun. Later in 1950, the Volkswagen Bus, now referred to as the “VW Bully”, goes into manufacturing as well as in January 1974 the initial Golf was constructed at the Wolfsburg plant. Out of all versions, Volkswagen Golf is still one of the most budget-friendly ones in Europe. Called the people’s car, Volkswagen manufactures automobiles that fit every budget plan. Nonetheless, earlier the circumstance was not the same. In the beginning, this German Cars and truck firm created autos that were entirely extravagant in nature. They allocate these automobiles was so high that out of 50 Germans only one German could manage them. Today, it is the vehicle for each family. The trust fund and appeal of Volkswagen are not just minimal to its native country, yet this German car brand name is just as prominent in various other countries also. The moms and dad firm, Volkswagen Group, gets twelve brands from seven European nations

that include Lamborghini, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, Seat, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Škoda, Scania, and GUY. The brand logo has Blue as well as white shades, which stand for quality, reliability, course, as well as the aristocracy, pureness, charm specifically. Porsche. Founded: 1931. Owner: Ferdinand Porsche. Current Condition: Operating.


Founded: 1931
Founder: Ferdinand Porsche
Current Status: Running
Headquarters: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Owner: Volkswagen AG

Porsche specializes in hypercars, supercars, high-performance sports cars, SUVs, as well as sedans. This German auto manufacturer brand name is considered among the most premium brands worldwide and surely got an excellent credibility in the late 80s and very early 90s. The firm is had by Volkswagen AG as well as obtained its first task to develop a Volkswagen vehicle only. This German car and truck brand is not almost the creation of famous classic autos, it is likewise about people, those who indulge in the experience of driving these mechanical wonders. The business was discovered back in 1931 that originally provides motor

car growth works and consulting. Porsche obtained their initial automobile task from the German government to design Volkswagen Beetle. Later in 1939, Porsche 64 was developed. In 1964, after the success in motor-racing, the business released another sports car: the Porsche 911. The 911 has actually come to be Porsche’s the majority of popular design in 2017, this German car firm constructed their one-millionth 911. The brand name logo design has a black horse headlong at its center that shows an expression of ahead placing power and also the origin of the city note. Several of the most effective model by the firm consists of Porsche 911, Cayennes, Panameras, Macans, Boxster and also Cayman autos. Opel. Started: 1862. Owner: Adam Opel. Current Status: Operating. Headquarters: Rüsselsheim, Hesse, Germany.


Founded: 1862
Founder: Adam Opel
Current Status: Running
Headquarters: Rüsselsheim, Hesse, Germany
Parent Company: Groupe PSA (Since 2017), General Motors (1929-2017)

Opel AG designs, designers, distributes and also produces passenger vehicles, light commercial lorries, as well as car components. This German car and truck company sells its automobiles in the UK under the Vauxhall auto brand. Along with Vauxhall, Opel is present in over 50 countries worldwide. In the United States, Canada, Mexico, and also China, the business offers under the Buick brand while in Australia and New Zealand items are sold under the Holden brand name. When the company was founded in 1862, it began the business with the manufacturing of stitching machines. In 1888, the company presented a brand-new product as well as started offering high-wheel bikes. Later on in 1899, Open launched their very first vehicle but however, the automobile was not very successful. After noting on the stock market in 1929 (Opel had a 37.5% market share in Germany ), General Motors purchased 80 %of the company and afterward full control in 1931. In March 2017, Groupe PSA obtains Opel from General Electric Motor.


Founded: 1965
Founder: Burkard Bovensiepen
Current Status: Running
Headquarters: Buchloe, Germany
Parent Company: BMW

The procedures of this German automobile brand name are much incorporated right into BMW’s production lines. Due to its close relations with BMW, the German Ministry of Transport acknowledged Alpina as a car maker that remains in contrast to the various other efficiency specialists which are aftermarket turners. Although this German vehicle company isn’t much popular, it still provides exceptional efficiency as a result of the acknowledgment provided to it. Alpina was developed in 1965 with the BMW tuning business. In the beginning, this Germany auto firm revised cylinder heads as well as serviced Carburetors. Throughout the duration of 1968 to 1977, Alpina succeeded in Vehicle Championships however as a result of the capability constraints & limitations, it took out from racing. Prior to pertaining to the automobile service, Alpina generated typewriters. However, due to its effort to relocate into the textile organization, the business discontinued at the end of the 1960s. The fascinating truth about this brand is that the Alpina B7 was manufactured at the very same production line as the BMW’s own 7 series. Also, Autos of this German brand can be serviced at any type of BMW car dealerships as well as covered if there is a warranty concern.


Founded: 1969
Founder: Eberhard Schulz
Current Status: Running
Headquarters: Hildesheim, Germany
Parent Company: Not Known

Isdera is a privately run German sporting activities car brand that layout, design, and manufacture high-performance hand-built auto racing vehicles
. Due to the fact that each one is custom-built for its original buyer, every vehicle from this brand has something unique custom-made Isdera has a small group of craftsmen that work day and night to satisfy their customer’s creative imagination into a strolling reality. The only way to purchase a new car of this German car supplier is to call the CEO directly and after that, the consumer needs to wait a minimum following 6 months. The initial Isdera was presented in 1969,’ Erator GTE ‘, which was based on a Ford GT40. To a price quote, this German automobile brand has marketed 70 cars and trucks and because 1993, the tasks have actually been maintained supersecret. Even the most up to date sales numbers as well as current automobile ventures have not been launched to the public. One of the most popular automobiles in the background of this German car manufacturer is the 1993 Isdera Commendatore 112i. In 1997, one of the brand name’s lorry showed up in the prominent racing video game’ Required for Speed II’.

Apollo Automobil

Founded: 2004
Founder: Roland Gumpert
Current Status: Running
Headquarters: Altenburg, Thuringia, Germany
Owner: Ideal Team Ventures Limited

Apollo Automobil is a German car brand that was formerly known as Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH. Being in the business for only
15 years, this German business has yet not gained universal appeal like various other German brand names. However, the company has generated a number of advanced automobiles that have actually noted their appearances in the UK’s Top Gear. By climaxing of Bugatti Veyron as well as Pagani Zonda, this German car and truck brand name has actually shown its powerful innovation as well as an unbeatable rate. Apollo Automobil was located by previous Audi Director Roland Gumpert. The manufacturing of the Apollo was started in 2005 and also lots of variations of the Apollo were presented throughout its manufacturing cycle. The Gumpert Apollo, Apollo Sporting activity, and the Apollo Race are only offered in the marketplace of the U.S., Europe, and the Center East.

They are intending to start export to the Eastern area, Australia and Russia very soon. The Griffin image on the brand name logo design represents the proficiency of land and air, which ultimately specifies the Apollo’s rate in velocity to the air as well as high performance when driving.

Bitter Cars

Founded: 1971
Founder: Erich Bitter
Current Status: Running
Headquarters: Schwelm, Germany
Owner: Not Known

Bitter Cars is a cost sports-luxury car and truck maker, which concentrates on rebuilding various other producer’s vehicles. After finishing service ventures with Italian manufacture Intermeccanica, Erich
Bitter, a previous racing chauffeur started crafting his very own lorries as well as started this German auto brand.
The business’s preliminary manufacturing was between 1973 and also 1989, marketing vehicles in Europe and the USA. After that numerous prototypes adhered to with an eye on returning to low-volume production, however none of those plans concerned implementation till the launch of the Bitter Vero in 2007. The majority of those vehicle brand names are acknowledged as the most preferred auto manufacturers on the planet. They speak luxury and supply high performance anywhere as well as almost everywhere. We attempted our ideal to compile all the small and also major German car brands. Hope it will help you with your next automobile purchase.

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