Russian Car Brands Name– List and Logos of Russian Car Automakers

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More vehicles are being produced today than at any other time in the background. In 2017, more than 80 million autos were generated around the world and the China auto market alone represents 29% of the automobile produced. China is efficiently preserving its top placement among worldwide auto manufacturing considering that 2008 however still struggling in terms of popularity level. Speaking about the appeal, one can not disregard the rage of American vehicle firms. The advanced layouts, attributes, and also innovations have made their cars irresistible as well as much more admirable.

In the US, possessing a car is not a big deal yet there are few nations where a Cars and truck signifies Wealth, as well as one of them, is Russia. Since the system of public transportation in Russia is well-developed and transport solution covers even the remote areas, having a Vehicle represents Opulence. Although Russian car companies are nothing compared to American ones, they still play a significant role in the global automobile sector. In 2016, Russia generated 1,303,989 cars making it ranking 16th amongst car-producing countries of the world.

This unbeatable car business in Russia was begun post-World War II when Russia’s struggle to prove the superiority of their Communist political system went far beyond the borders of an ideological battle and also got to surprising levels. In order to support Stalin’s vision, the communist designers were required to supply the outright ideal cars possible. However, for some years, the Russian auto market locates itself in depression, however, this does not imply that Russian cars aren’t worthwhile to be pointed out amongst the most effective vehicles on the planet.

Let’s discuss several of the widely known Russian car brands and consider their logos:


Introduced: 1970.
Current Condition: Running.
Head office: Togliatti, Samara Oblast.
Founder/Parent Company: JSC AvtoVAZ.

Lada is made by AvtoVAZ, which was formed from a partnership in between Fiat and the Soviet Vneshtorg (Division of Foreign Trade). AvtoVAZ generates over 400,000 autos a year under its Lada brand as well as the cars and trucks of Renault-Nissan partnership brands: Renault, Nissan, as well as Datsun. Autos produced by AvtoVAZ were originally marketed as Zhiguli brand however because in 1973 they are widely known as ‘Lada.’.

This Russian brand name has a lengthy history and welcomed western design ever since its start. It is not one of those Russian deluxe automobiles, however, it absolutely uses basic comfort as well as maneuverability. Its competitive rate, integrity, straightforward DIY-friendly technicians, as well as plain functionality, have made it a well-known Russian car and truck maker in post-soviet nations.

In 1970, the firm started creating its first automobile ‘VAZ-210’ that was a stronger version of the ‘Fiat 124 car.’ The VAZ-2101 was sold under the brand ‘Zhiguli’ in the Soviet Union as well as branded as ‘Lada’ for export. Presently newer models remain in production as well as becoming much more popular amongst Russian vehicle buyers.


Introduced: 1932.
Current Status: Running.
Headquarters: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Founder/Parent Firm: GAZ Groupare.

Originated as NAZ (Nizhegorodsky Avtomobilny Zavod) in 1932 and also changed to GAZ (Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) in 1933. In 1932, it was begun as a cooperative venture between the Soviet Union as well as the Ford Electric Motor Company. The initial manufactured vehicle was ‘Ford Model A (NAZ-A)’ and the ‘Ford Model AA (NAZ-AA)’, which was further become ‘GAZ-A’ and GAZ-AA’.

It is now one of the leading manufacturers of business vehicles in Russia. In Feb 2011, GAZ Group and also General Motors signed an arrangement on contract assembly of the brand-new Chevrolet Aveo vehicle and in June, this Russian vehicle supplier business signed a lasting agreement on agreement manufacturing with Volkswagen Team.


Introduced: 1941.
Present Standing: Operating.
Head office: Ulyanovsk, Russia.
Founder/Parent Company: Sollers JSC.

This Russian automaker generally concentrates on the production of off-road automobiles, SUVs, buses, as well as trucks. UAZ is well-known for armed forces automobiles, the most preferred being the ‘UAZ-469.0020.’ The firm started making cars as a part of the Soviet Battle initiative as well as started its development away from being a plain assembler in 1954. Complying with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, UAZ became a joint-stock business and also contributed a substantial quantity of sales to the Russian economy in the 1990s.

There are numerous popular Russian cars that are made by UAZ, such as, UAZ-31514, UAZ-31519, UAZ-3153, UAZ-3160, UAZ Bars (UAZ-3159), UAZ Seeker and UAZ Simbir.


Presented: 1969.
Current Standing: Operating.
Head office: Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia.
Founder/Parent Firm: Kamaz Group.
Web site:

The company is recognized as the largest automobile supplier that ensures transportation and also security in Russia. This Russian brand is mainly engines and trucks producer, however also popular for its Taxicab over trucks. Today, it is used to export durable designs to several locations of the world and also strengthened KAMAZ vehicles are also used by the Russian military.

The factory is responsible for producing more than 43,000 trucks per year. It is the largest vehicle producer in Russia, as well as the CIS as well as these vehicles, have won the Dakar Rally a document fourteen times.


Presented: 2003.
Current Standing: Running.
Head office: Cherkessk, Russia.
Founder/Parent Company: Mercury Group.

Deraways Vehicle was the initial exclusive Russian vehicle manufacturer with the vision of generating vehicles satisfying the modern demands of convenience as well as security criteria. This Russian automobile brand name is understood for constructing the most trustworthy, fuel-efficient and also modern automobiles. In 2003, the brand name introduced Cowboy autos of its own design and also offered 800 in simply 2 years.

After forming a joint endeavor with the China-based companies Liaoning and Lifan Group, the company began generating SUVs and pick-up vehicles. It manufactures more than 100,000 cars per year as well as manufacturing is geared up with a modern line for screening and also quality control of setting up automobiles. Today, it is among the most dynamically Russian cars and truck makers.


Introduced: 1967– Present.
Present Status: Running.
Headquarters: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Founder/Parent Firm: Not Offered.
Web site:

It is a Russian automobile producer specialized in tracked and wheeled all-terrain vehicles. Its automobiles are operated by oil and gas business, rock hounds, energy, hunters, herdsmen, search as well as rescue solutions. Also, this Russian auto brand is a large player in the military car production industry and also has actually produced a number of tracked, tracked two-part, as well as Wheeled Army ATVs with the resource of the widely known auto manufacturer UAZ’s bodies, components, and parts.


Introduced: 1985.
Current Condition: Running.
Headquarters: Ulyanovsk, Russia.
Founder/Parent Firm: Gennady Hainovym Yevgenyevich.

This Russian automobile brand name accomplished fame for its off-road SUVs and adjusting automobiles. In 1985, the brand name introduced its very first vehicle ‘Laura’ adhered to by ‘Ohta’ in 1986, which was a minivan based upon VAZ-2108. It is well-known for its automobiles with remarkable design, reliability, safety, and also the gas economic situation. Now, there are just 2 existing models in the market, the ‘Dragon Dive’ and also the ‘Dragon Astero’. Both the models are made from UAZ, GAZ, as well as VAZ assemblies and components.


Presented: 1946.
Present Status: Discontinued in 2010.
Head office: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Founder/Parent Firm: GAZ.

Come from the Soviet Union to replace the revered ‘GAZ Pobeda’, this Russian automobile brand name was meant to provide the need for luxury automobiles that were slowly emerging in Western Europe. Acknowledged as extremely different from the standard Lada, the Volga became a symbol of wealth, which was just bought by extremely rich individuals, medical professionals, legal representatives, and political representatives.

The very first Volga model was initially developed as a replacement for the extremely successful ‘GAZ-M20 Pobeda’ mid-size auto. Regardless of the continuous modernizations, Volga located it hard to compete in the market and so the Chief Executive Officer chose to discontinue the Volga range in 2010. In total 639,478 Volga were built from 1956 till 1970.


Presented: 1916.
Existing Status: Manufacturing finished in 2012.
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia.
Founder/Parent Firm: Igor Zakharov.
Web site:

The business was founded in 1916 with the purpose of manufacturing F-15 1.5 heap trucks under the certificate. Regrettably, the plans were not applied due to the October Transformation and also the Russian civil war. ZiL generates its initial automobile, the ‘AMO-F-15’ in November 1924. The most famous design of this last Russian Limousine was the ‘Zil-11’, an armored vehicle utilized for moving government officials as well as dignitaries throughout their main journeys.

During the 1960s, some roadway lanes in Moscow that were committed to Russian vehicles carrying high ranking federal government and military functionaries of the Soviet Union were named after this Russian vehicle brand, the Zil lanes. Currently, this Russian car and truck business exists just like a real-estate development site, on which a new city area will be built by the LSR Group building and construction company.


Presented: 1929.
Current Standing: Bankrupt since 2002 as well as Liquified in 2006.
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia.
Founder/Parent Business: AZLK.

Sturdy, trustworthy, affordable, and comfy are a few of the terms that perfectly explain this Russian car firm. Regardless of having dull exterior looks, Moskvitch was declared as the actual Russian auto necessarily, carrying traditional Russian spirit.

This Russian car and truck brand started with the first production of 24,000 automobiles yet additionally in 1941, the whole manufacturing was ceased after the Hitler intrusion throughout World War II for army lorry manufacturing. After the war, the Soviet Union obtained an entire assembly line from Opel, in Brandenburg to produce the customized ‘Opel Kadett’ under the name Moskvitch-400 in December 1946.

During the 1960s and also early 1970s, autos were exported to lots of nations throughout the globe. Until the 1980s, this Russian auto brand introduced vehicles with compact rear-wheel-drive public houses and estates with strong back axles suspended by leaf springtimes. However, in 2002 Moskvitch was filed for insolvency and stopped manufacturing. After that, numerous not successful initiatives were made to resume the manufacturing and also the brand officially liquified in 2006. Because of 2009, the Moskvitch has actually been possessed by German auto firm Volkswagen.


Introduced: 1929.
Current Standing: Closed in 2010.
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia.
Founder/Parent Firm: The Federal government of the Russian Federation.
Web site:

It was a Russian automobile company that was possessed by the government. Azlk was the maker of a well-renowned car brand, Moskvitch and specialized in manufacturing small cars, which could be classified anywhere from compact to mid-size. Unfortunately, it was stopped in 2001 and abolished in 2010.


Introduced: 1989.
Current Status: Production discontinued in 1997.
Headquarters: Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia.
Founder/Parent Company: Grigory Rysin.
Website: Not Available.

This Russian car company was a joint association of 37 enterprises including Karpov Chemical Plant, Tatneftekhimmontage, Ivanovo Machine Tool Association, and Intertap. Avtokam produced quite interesting utilitarian off-road vehicles Autokam-Ranger and Avtokam-Velta. However, in 1997, the company was told to cease production due to some unknown reasons..


Introduced: 2007.
Current Status: Dissolved in 2014.
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia.
Founder/Parent Company: Nikolai Fomenko, Andrei Tsheglakov, Jefim Ostrovskiy.
Website: Not Available.

It was the first Russian sports car manufacturer company and designed both the b2 and the b1 sports cars. In April 2014, the company was dispersed, with employees leaving to join other institutes and finally in November, the company ceased trading.

Most of the population is not optimistic about the future of Russian Cars. According to some, Russian cars simply do not compete with foreign brands but others say this increased competition will benefit consumers as the manufacturers will work even harder to beat foreign minds. We can’t predict the future, but we tried to cover entire top Russian car brands on our list.

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